We have 20 Subscribers!

youtube logoWe now have 20 subscribers on our YouTube channel! This is a great effort as we haven’t been on long now, but we’re still aiming for that magic number of 100, so if you haven’t already, please do subscribe, and if you know someone who would like to, get them to subscribe too! If you have, then great! We will continue to add new videos as we go along for you to enjoy.

We’ve added two on this morning, one testing out a new camera and Hornby TTS sound decoders in a pair of HST power cars, the other a special ‘driver’s eye view’ of our main DCC 00 gauge layout.

Click on the links below to both videos, and hope you enjoy!

KLMRC Testing Session – 07/09/2018

KLMRC – A Tour of Our Railway

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