3 Feb 2018 – Club AGM 2018

February 2nd saw the club hold its AGM.

There was a good turnout there was much discussion about the year passed and the year ahead.

Some sad news that one of our longest serving members passed away in January. Mr Rodger Williamson will be greatly missed by all at the club.

The Chairman Mr Simon Lemmon also stood down after 3 long years on the footplate. He is succeeded Mr Leigh Bagshaw who will be stepping up and putting on the drivers cap to steam the club forward through the next few years.

Also a look ahead to the 2nd KLMRC Model Railway Show. The lists are full and preparations are being made to get it all up and running. Check out the Exhibitions page for details.

For the mean time though we are looking forward to opening the doors to our clubrooms on 17th February 2018. 10M – 4PM. Come and have a look, let out your inner railway modeller and maybe think about joining?

See you there…


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