KLMRC Model Railway Exhibition 2019

Thank you to everyone involved who made our 2019 Exhibition such a success.

Please find below details of the exhibitors and layouts. Photos will be published soon.

KLMRC 2019 Exhibition Exhibitors:

Layout Gauge Modelled By Brief Descrption
Lenne Regis OO King’s Lynn MRC Based on a plan from Peco’s “Plans for Small Railways, this Club layout is still a ‘work in progress’; but has moved on considerably since last year’s exhibition. It is DCC controlled and buildings are mainly kits but there are some scratch-built items. No specific era is modelled so club members can use a variety of rolling stock to suit their tastes.
Kingsley N King’s Lynn MRC This layout represents a preserved line “somewhere in the UK”. The club acquired the layout part-built but we have still had to do quite a lot to get it to exhibitable standards (wiring, fitting point motors, building a fiddle yard, fitting legs etc etc) this being its first outing. It is DCC operated using an NCE Powercab although points are controlled in a more conventional way using Seep motors. The majority of stock currently used belongs to individual club members.
Kirkby on Sea OO James Spence Set in the 1930s, Kirkby on Sea is a fictional west coast LMS station with fishing harbour, boat yard and busy terminus station. The layout is DCC controlled.
Priory Lane N Malcolm Goodger Priory Lane can be classified as a ‘micro’ or minimum space layout measuring 4’ by 1’6” with an operational space of just 3’ – ideal for the space-starved modeller.
Salthaven Quay O 16.5 Stephen Cooper Salthaven Quay is a freelance quay imagined to be on the River Haven at Saltfleet, Lincolnshire, serviced by the 2’6” gauge Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway. (There were once proposals for a dock in this location but it would have been standard gauge.)
Lower Hamworth OO / OO9 Mike & Andrew Sharpe Lower Hamworth is a small village on the edge of the Cotswolds; the only industry is the stone cutting works manufacturing paving slabs. The works are served from the adjacent limestone quarry which has its own narrow gauge railway. As well as its primary role transporting stone to the mainline, the railway runs a limited passenger service to the villages of Lower and Upper Hamworth.
Vale of Oxbury N Carl Woodwards The layout represents a ubiquitous Western Region junction station and is set in an imagined part of Oxfordshire, with rolling hills as a backdrop on a fine summer’s day. The timeline is mid-1960s, when a great change took place on the railways with the transition from the declining steam classes to the rise of the diesels. Variety was indeed the spice of life ; on the mainline – express and local passenger trains provided a mix of livery colours, parcel trains saw examples from all regions and freight featured block trains of coal, oil and stone along with more traditional mixed-goods. To contrast this, a branch line with operations befitting its slower pace, sees the villages south of Oxbury served with short passenger trains and a pick-up goods going into the yard. Vale of Oxbury has won a number of awards and has featured in Model Rail, British Railway Modelling and Hornby magazines.
Caroline Concrete Works 7mm Narrow Graham Morfoot The layout is loosely based on the Tallington concrete works alongside the ECML near Stamford. The works has been operated by Dowmac and Tarmac in the past, making concrete sleepers alongside other concrete structures. It is now scheduled to make the track panels for HS2. The Tallington works did not actually have a narrow gauge railway but does have sidings within the complex that are connected to the mainline. The layout is a shunting operation depicting a narrow gauge system moving materials within the works and finished products to a standard gauge siding.
Brigadoon O The Voyager Group Brigadoon is based on the fictional village (from the film of the same name) that appears only a couple of times a year. As the name suggests the model portrays Scotland and its railways, but the era represented varies depending on the whim of the operators, who are proud to say that they are not “rivet-counters” and that they exhibit for fun.
Canon’s Cross OO Market Deeping MRC Canon’s Cross was originally built for BRM magazine to demonstrate that a model railway is within the capabilities of anyone with basic DIY skills and those at the beginner’s stage. Woodwork for the baseboards is simple and has no complicated joints; straightforward electrics required little soldering. A series of articles appeared in BRM in 2010 and the original layout appeared at several BRM sponsored exhibitions in Doncaster, Peterborough and London. Since its original concept the layout has had two further extensions, the most recent in 2018 when it was again exhibited at the BRM Peterborough exhibition. The layout is a small terminus to a fiddle yard layout based on the Southern Region of BR in the 1950/60’s and operates with Steam, Diesel and EMU’s.
Nene Wharf OO David O’Rourke Nene Wharf is loosely based on the goods yard at Benwick in Cambridgeshire. The branch ran from Three Horse Shoes on the Ely to Peterborough line to the bank of the River Nene (old course) at Benwick and was opened in 1898. The line closed in 1964. The wooden quay remains and the area of the goods yard is now a farm workshop. The track plan was modified to fit a restricted baseboard size and doesn’t resemble the track plan of the prototype in any way. A full description of the layout can be found in the March 2017 edition of Railway Modeller.
Les Trains de Grand Pere O 3-rail Terry Durrant This is Terry’s latest layout involving 0 Gauge 3-rail. It does in fact use the same baseboards as “Grandads’ Trains Too” (which was exhibited at our show last year) but the buildings are replaced by mainly French Hornby, although, to make it more interesting, Terry has included some British ones. Stock is mainly French Hornby with the odd piece of Jep and Karl Bub.
Gila Canyon 1957 N Alan Hancock Steam has been almost eliminated from the mainline railroads of the American south-west, and the diesel locomotive builders are competing strongly for orders. Examples from General Motors, Budd, Alco, Baldwin & Fairbanks-Morse may be seen. The great passenger trains that carried millions across the continent now face competition from the recently introduced jet airliners and the newly authorised state highway programme. Trains are much reduced in length and frequency. However, there is still some local mixed freight and the narrow gauge clings on – just! It is believed that Gila Canyon will feature in Continental Modeller later this year
Royston Wharf OO9 Royston & District MRC Royston Wharf depicts a narrow gauge line running through a village station which includes the usual facilities, goods yard, cattle dock and engine shed. The wharf provides warehousing and transfer facilities to a canal. The main industry of the village is the local ironstone mine.
Red Hook Bay HO Mike & Jenny Carter Red Hook Bay is a fictitios seaport on the coast of Maine, USA. Besides the local fishing industry, Red Hook bay is host to a brewery and dairy. The town is a major transportation hub for the coastal islands off the coast of Maine and has ferry services from the wharf for both passengers and cars. The town is also a railroad junction for the Boston & Maine Central railroads. It is also served by a local tram service with a tram stop in front of Hokum’s Burlesque Theatre and the Topless Bar on Main Street.
Wendsleydale 7mm narrow Sudbury MRC Based in a small rural area in the East Midlands Wendsleydale depicts the industrial side of model railways with a narrow gauge railway servicing a small quarry and factory area. At an upper level you will be able to see a processing plant manufacturing everyday goods that you might recognise. Look out for the animation of some of the workers and machinery in the quarry and the factory with amusing effect. The village of Wendsleydale is well depicted on the new extension board, again with many amusing features.
Gleisbau (Glb) “Bitterfeld” HO Eric Bird Glb Bitterfeld is a small permanent way depot/workshop “somewhere in present day Germany” It is equipped for light repairs, servicing and testing of DB Netz (Germany’s equivalent of Network rail) equipment, as well as “playing host” to visiting and hired-in private track maintenance companies’ rolling stock. Some items are used only at certain times of year but require regular test running. Rolling stock includes working tamper, heavy lift crane, track maintenance and snow clearing vehicles, and other items of an infrastructure maintenance nature. Most items are “straight from the box” but some are built from kits, with added details and light weathering.
Longstone 1:24 Graham & Caroline Watling This is a model of a fictitious 15” gauge Arthur Heywood type estate railway set in 1960s Yorkshire. It features three scenes; a village street, a moorland scene with bridge over a gill and a woollen mill. The scale is 1:24 and most of the locomotives are Smallbrook Studio Kits.
Fox Valley Railway N Custom Layout Signs Loosely based on a Great Western Branch line who’s busiest days are in the past since the closure of the through line. Traffic is a variety of passenger service along with small rakes of freight form the local quarries and mines who now have to drop off wagons in a siding.

KLMRC 2019 Exhibition Traders:

Keith’s Second hand models
Little Layout Company bespoke model railway design and building services, plus weathering & detailing service.
Starlight Models specialists in the supply of detail accessories for model railways in 2mm & 4mm scales.
Great Eastern Models Model shop based in Norwich
12 Volts DC supplying a wide range of products for the railway modeller.
Custom Layout Signs Custom wooden layout signs
Paul Austin rolling stock & rolling stock storage cases
Coast 2 Coaster Plastic drinks coasters inlaid with a variety of fabric designs – can also provide fabric designs to meet individual requirements.
Bob Pearman Books offering a huge selection of railway titles.
Model Scenery Supplies supplying hundreds of items you need to build realistic terrains and landscapes.